Introduction to Gradecraft Terminology

Terms in Gradecraft

Course, Role, Team, Group, Badges

  • Top level grouping in Gradecraft is the Course level
  • Users have different Roles: Student, GSI (Graduate Student Instructor), Instructor
  • Roles are assigned on the course level, so for instance a Users can be a Student in one course, and a GSI for another course
  • Students can be assigned to teams, which will last for the length of a semester
  • Teams can have team leaders (usually the GSIs who are leading that team)
  • Groups are small, ad hoc, can be created by students, approved by GSIs or instructors
  • Badges can be manually awarded or attached to rubrics for automatic achievement
  • Badges can have points assigned to them
  • Badges, Teams, Groups, and Students, can be relabeled (ex. "achievements", "players")
  • Courses cannot be re-labeled


Grade submission

  • All grades and assignments have to be submitted to GradeCraft.
  • Some professors use GradeCraft for all grading, but house assignment files etc. in other location (Sakai, Canvas, Moodle)
  • Grades are imported into GradeCraft through a CSV import
  • Student grades come from multiple directions

Rubrics for Grading

  • Rubrics are a way of grading students by point value.
  • A Rubric is created on a per-assignment level
  • Rubrics break an assignment into grading categories, and a point spread is created for each category

see Rubrics for more information.

Assignment Types

  • Assignment types were created so that all assignments in that type will be graded similarly

see Assignments for more information.


Pass/Fail Assignments

Pass Fail grades have no point value. The pass/fail behavior is set on the assignment, and then reflected in the grades as they are assigned.

see Pass Fail Assignments for more information.


  • We are interested in what behavior is a recipe for success
  • The grade predictor is where the students can use analytics to maximize their potential in the class
  • grade predictors occur in three types
    • sliders
    • checkbox
    • select list